Koester Metals Inc. (KMI) is a ISO 9001 – 2015 certified, world-class supplier of sheet metal fabrications and enclosures. We’ve become a leader in the global market with our unmatched product consistency, repeatability, and quality. We also pride ourselves on our exceptional team members, company culture, and family-like atmosphere.

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KMI offers unmatched employee benefits and advancement opportunities for team members.

Since our founding in 1975, we’ve built our business model around manufacturing exceptionally high-quality products while offering unmatched customer service. But in order to achieve this level of excellence, we realized that the right people need to be in place in order to carry out our vision.

Our employees are our greatest business asset and we strive to create a work environment to reflect that. When you join our team, you become part of the KMI family. Our goal is to foster positive relationships amongst leadership and their teams to help improve employee’s individual skills and encourage professional development.

KMI believes that each team member directly contributes to the success of the company. We not only look to see how we can best leverage their strengths but we also provide an opportunity for that employee to try new things and see where they see their future in the company. We offer career opportunities and room for advancement based on merit, dedication, and job performance and provide compensation for training or continued education courses when applicable.

We’ve recently achieved rapid growth and our company is looking to expand our team with available positions in almost every department. We are seeking candidates whose core values match the long-ago established and consistently upheld vision of the company; e.g. having a customer focus, being quality-minded, being open to learning, and possessing the utmost integrity. With this, we are focused on humility, hunger, desire, and your ability to interact with others and be a team player.

What We Offer:
• Competitive health insurance packages
• 401(K) with company match
• Paid time off after your first complete month of employment
• Training opportunities and educational reimbursements
• Monthly attendance bonus

Whether you’re a company with sheet metal fabrication or enclosure needs, or looking to start a fulfilling career, contact KMI and let us help you … Fabricate your future with us. Email us at myfuture@Kmienclosures.com.

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