Bystronic High-Speed Bending Machine with Bending Robot

Automation is increasingly impacting the way steel fabrication companies manufacture products. While some businesses fear that rapid advancements in intelligent robotics will replace jobs, KMI is taking advantage of the opportunity to expand our workforce by increasing our production capacity and adding new services to our capabilities. A recent example of this is our investment […]

Automated Load and Unload System Increases Capacity at KMI

The manufacturing industry is experiencing an upturn in the utilization of intelligent automation. At KMI, we have taken advantage of these technological advancements and have strategically implemented them to expand our capabilities and create new opportunities for both our employees and customers. We recently invested in a ByTrans Extended load and unload system for our […]

Meet Gidget: The Resident Spokes dog at KMI

Who is Gidget and how did she become the resident spokes dog at KMI? Why are we having her as the resident spokesperson? Read on to learn how we are welcoming Gidget to the family and why she represents our unique family-oriented atmosphere. Our Unique Company Culture President and Owner, Gary Koester, adopted Gidget in […]