KMI Launches New Training Program

At KMI, we invest a great deal of resources on business development in an effort to streamline our processes for the most effective and sustainable solutions for our customer. It’s our vision to create consistently high-quality products but also at an affordable and attainable price. We identified early on that our success comes from our customers’ success, and this only comes through providing continuous improvement to help them discover extraordinary solutions to their business needs.

Rather than choosing quality or affordability, we made the decision long ago that there should be no compromise between the two. This vision has led us to identify where we need to direct our focus in order to achieve our goals. This starts with our internal team members. We are passionate about serving our customers, so it only makes sense to engage and foster relationships with our employees in a similar way.

Throughout KMI’s history, we relied heavily on conventional training methodologies when hiring new employees but the process always proved to be challenging. We discovered inconsistencies from manager to manager; or employees were unable to keep track of the thousands of variables presented to them. As a result, we chased new hires away and frustrated our leadership team. Upon redirecting our focus and analyzing where and what we could change, we established that our training procedures could be adjusted to better meet the growing needs of the industry.

We developed the KMI University Training Program, a system created to standardize the way we hire and onboard new team members. This training program creates cohesiveness and consistency, redirecting how our management teams relay information to employees in an effort to reduce frustration and increase their success.

The KMI University Training Program involves written work instructions, pictorial representations, testing, and frequent reminders to aid in the understanding of how to conduct any job or duty. Regardless of a new team member’s skill level, this training program provides a straightforward approach to reduce the possibility of error, increase productivity, and boost employee job satisfaction with safety, quality, and efficiency in mind.

This impact of the training program has also carried over to current employees, giving team members the chance to enhance their skills or advance to other areas of the business. It offers incredible opportunities for our entire company to work more efficiently than ever before while opening the door to even more advanced solutions for our customer.

As one of the area’s fasted growing companies, we are continuously seeking candidates as excited and passionate about building a career as we are. If you’re interested in working for a company with endless opportunities, email us at or call 260-495-1818 and fabricate your future with us.


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