Who is Gidget and how did she become the resident spokes dog at KMI? Why are we having her as the resident spokesperson? Read on to learn how we are welcoming Gidget to the family and why she represents our unique family-oriented atmosphere.

resident spokes dog at KMI

Our Unique Company Culture

President and Owner, Gary Koester, adopted Gidget in June of 2018. As a F1B Goldendoodle, Gidget is a Goldendoodle mixed with a poodle making her 75% Poodle. With her adorable and spirited nature, she has quickly earned a spot as the official resident spokes dog at KMI working alongside of the marketing team to really show the atmosphere around the office.

KMI is known in the fabrication industry as one of the leading resources for precision, high-quality sheet metal fabrications and enclosures used in diverse applications all over the world. Our mission has always been to help our customers succeed by offering the best and most sustainable solutions to meet their needs. Helping our customers in this way has become our passion, and we’ve built a team of experts with the same beliefs: that our success comes from our customers’ success. We strive maintain this level of excellence and work diligently to create a company culture where employees can feel comfortable in supporting this mission.

In addition to our attractive employee benefits, advancement opportunities, and interactive team building exercises, Gary thought what better way to cultivate a family-oriented and customer-minded company culture than to bring a little bit of home to the office and have Gidget join the team?

Welcome Gidget

Gidget brings a level of comfortability and enjoyment to the workplace. She is always eager to play a game of fetch for employees in need of a break from the busy workday and is willing to show off her tricks to customers who stop by the office. With her sweet and endearing temperament, she quickly has become a recognizable and accepted member of the KMI family.

“Gidget is an important member of our team,” says Gary. “We want our employees and customers to feel welcomed and valued when they work with us, and what better way to express that than by having a playful and lovable pup greet them at the door.”

As her first task at KMI begins, Gidget leads as the face of KMIs marketing campaign in the search for career-minded people to join our team with attractive benefits and advancement opportunities. Looking to meet this adorable pup? Email your resume to or call us at (260) 495-1818 to learn more.


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