Koester Metals Inc. (KMI) is a world-class supplier of sheet metal fabrications and enclosures. ISO 9001 – 2015 certified, we’ve become a leader in the global market with our unmatched product consistency, repeatability, and quality.

Koester Metals Inc. (KMI) is a world-class supplier of sheet metal fabrications and enclosures.

With our combined years of experience, coupled with our team of industry experts, we’ve developed services and processes structured toward helping our customers discover sustainable and cost-effective solutions. We employ the latest process technologies to add value to every customer transaction while upholding our company’s core-values of top-notch customer service.

Family-owned and operated, we place a high priority on building long-term relationships with our customers. We realized very early on that technology alone cannot produce the necessary level of value that KMI commits to achieving successful customer support. This led us to ask the question, how can we accomplish this? Our unrivaled customer service starts with our skilled and highly capable team members.

Our employees are one of our greatest business assets. Each team member directly contributes to the success of our company. KMI is continuously seeking out the brightest individuals to join our team, placing an emphasis on employee development to build a long-term career, not just a next job. We look for candidates whose core values match the long-ago established and consistently upheld vision of the company. These values include having a customer focus, being quality-minded, having a desire to learn, and possessing the utmost integrity.

Whether you’re a company with sheet metal fabrication or enclosure needs, or looking to start a fulfilling career, contact KMI and let us help you … Fabricate your future with us. Email us at myfuture@Kmienclosures.com.


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