internships at KMI

The goal of KMI’s internship program is to serve as a pipeline for sourcing talent and to open the door to potential candidates pursuing a career in fabrication. It’s another avenue for our team to recruit future full-time employees while also teaching and exposing students to hands-on experience. Interns work directly with current employees on projects that make an impact at KMI while generating real results.

Some examples of the types of projects and departments this year’s summer interns participated in include:

Training System Development

KMI conducts hands-on, visual training methods for the most effective and thorough approach to onboarding new hires. Interns helped to develop specialized training documents and presented new training protocols to team members.

Plug Cleaning and Standardization

Promoting efficiency and identifying the most streamlined processes is of utmost importance to KMI. The interns worked on a project to identify how plugs used to protect threads during our powder coating process can be cleaned in the quickest and easiest way possible, saving time and cutting costs.

Shipping and Receiving Management

Interns had first-hand experience working with employees in the shipping and receiving department. They assisted in overseeing quality assurance systems by analyzing how parts are prepared for shipment and where they could be damaged in transit. They then reported back their findings and developed methods to protect KMI’s high-quality products.

Human Resources & Marketing

KMI is one of the fastest growing companies in the area and we are continuously seeking candidates who match our company’s core values. Our interns helped assist in marketing efforts and human resource initiatives to attract potential candidates while promoting benefits to working with us.

Interns bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to KMI. We offer internship opportunities in all departments including; shop floor, engineering, shipping, marketing, and human resources. Because of the variety of positions, we are able to offer, we accept students from any collegiate grade level.

If you’re a college student interested in pursuing an exciting career at the area’s leading sheet metal fabrication company, send us your resume at and learn more about the intern hiring process at KMI. Fabricate your future with us.


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