employee appreciation initiative

Businesses with a strong system to acknowledge employee achievements are proven to have more actively engaged team members, higher employee morale, and overall lower turnover rates. And with recent studies showing that a boost in employee productivity by 50% can result in an over 20% increase in business outcomes, we have made company culture a top priority.

Here at KMI, we recognized early on that employees are not fully satisfied in working for just a paycheck. We understand that employees not only want fair pay and benefits, but to also be recognized as a valued member of the company and to know their contributions are making an impact. In addition to exceptional company benefits, continuing education, and advancement opportunities, we show our sincere appreciation through ongoing employee appreciation initiatives designed to thank our team members for their achievements.

One of our most popular events are our company-wide lunches. Once per month, we host a barbeque onsite in the warehouse, cooked and prepared in-house by our staff. On a typical day, employees leave the property to go out to lunch. By hosting monthly lunches, we are able to gather everyone together in an effort to build cohesiveness amongst team members outside of their normal work centers.

Employee appreciation initiatives such as our monthly barbeques create an opportunity for management and the leadership team to engage with employees in the hope of establishing better relationships. When working in different departments, leadership members do not always have the opportunity to work with everyone on a daily basis. Gathering the company together as a whole helps to promote comradery and allows our staff to get to know all members of KMI.

“Our staff takes pride in our family-owned business atmosphere,” says Continuous Improvement Manager, Mark Newman. “Initiatives like this sustain the culture that distinguishes us from other area employers.”

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