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The manufacturing and fabricating environment today requires faster and more capable solutions when assessing customers’ needs. KMI has maintained a competitive advantage in the industry by investing in the latest technological developments to continue to provide quality products to our customers. We recently added several robotics to our manufacturing and fabricating capabilities that gives us the ability to produce more consistent and finished products at an overall cost-reduction.

Our latest investment in robotics includes:

The addition of automated technology has created new job enhancement opportunities for our current employees, enabling team members to direct their attention to production areas that contribute to a higher volume of output and increased production, without compromising quality. Our greater capacity for projects has also opened the door for the creation of new employment opportunities with different skill sets for KMI.

We offer unique and exciting opportunities for candidates looking to put their passion and creativity to work. If you’re interested in taking the leap into a fulfilling career, contact KMI and Fabricate your future with us. Email us at


Koester Metals Inc. (KMI) is a world-class supplier of precision sheet metal fabrications and high-quality enclosures, offering unmatched product consistency, repeatability, and quality. KMI’s knowledge, services, and processes are structured to improve product quality, reduce cycle times and ultimately cut costs offering the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions on the market. Whether you’re a company with sheet metal fabrication or enclosure needs, or looking to start a fulfilling career, contact KMI and fabricate your future with us:

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