Value Added Assembly

How can KMI help you solve challenges or grow your business by providing Value Added Assembly?

Your Cost-Cutting, Resource-Saving Solution

When you partner with KMI for your custom precision metal fabrications or enclosures, you’ll have the freedom to focus on other matters essential to product improvements and profitability.

That’s where KMI’s value-added services can make a huge difference.

Value-added assembly is a “downstream” service we provide to help you grow your business without expanding your operations. Essentially, you contract with us to provide just the level of product assembly you need – anything from frame assembly to axle-on/tire-on.

When you source your pre-assembly or value-added assembly to KMI…

  • you can reduce SKU’s and inventory carrying costs
  • you can expand without as significant investment than you may have thought
  • you don’t have to gear your own production lines to assembly
  • you can increase throughput and net profits by driving up total sales
  • parts and components are readily available to you, ensuring just-in-time delivery of your completed products
  • you save plant space, perhaps avoid plant expansion – and operating costs
  • you can concentrate more on your core competency

We’ve always been known for our quality precision metal fabrications and enclosures. and our value-added services are helping more and more customers to grow without the challenges of CapEx or expanding employment. Contact KMI for further details on how our value-added assembly can help you improve cost efficiencies and build more profitability into your products.

Insulated Louver

Traffic enclosure with fans

Custom Test Chamber

Cart of parts RTS 4

Ready to ship

Aluminum Traffic enclosure

Custom wrap-around assembly