KMI Powder Coating Equipment

  • Greater than 1000 feet of custom-built, power and free conveyor is the foundation of a highly sophisticated 4 booth, computer controlled powder system that is built for volume and quality
  • Nordson spray booths and automatic spray equipment provide KMI with application controls that are second to none in the industry
  • Real time computer visibility to product sequence which maximizes system throughput and reduces overall cost
  • Quality assurance is built into the controller, providing live system alerts
  • Additionally, KMI’s Batch line provides virtually limitless size and weight powder capability

Superior Finishing Capabilities

The powder coating lines are among the industry’s most sophisticated. This enables KMI to produce any custom precision metal fabrication or enclosure from production to completion in the most flexible, cost-efficient way possible. With standard powder coating, KMI provides …

  • Premium powder coatings with excellent heat-, chemical-, corrosion, and fade-resistance
  • superior color matching
  • assistance in the development of specifications for your products
  • logistics assistance, from coordination to implementation
  • quality powder coating equipment and processes that ensure powder adhesion, thickness, and durability

KMI’s powder coating process is environmentally safe coatings used in compliance with strict EPA regulations. KMI is not only a great supplier, we’re also a good neighbor.

Our recently expanded standard powder coating capabilities include …

  • ability to spray four colors at the same time on one system
  • programmable controls for maximum system throughput, quick and easy color changing, and in-process status visibility for product sequencing
  • the use of quality Nordson automatic and manual application equipment that not only assures a durable, and consistently applied finish but also lowers costs
  • five-stage iron phosphate cleaning for  quality control consistency and adhesion assurance
  • multi-coat (primer/topcoat) application efficiency for superior severe duty applications
  • another powder area provides batch processing for extra large parts
  • efficient conveyor handling of even the biggest and heaviest parts
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • process controls at the highest level to provide cleaning and curing quality assurance
  • metal finishing to the highest standards of quality – in terms of durability and aesthetics

For further details on how you can benefit from our standard powder coating capabilities contact KMI

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