Your All Under One Roof Source for Metal Fabrication, Finishing & Assembly

KMI’s state-of-the -art equipment and broad range of capabilities are well suited to produce just about any kind of metal fabricating for just about any industry and application.

Any high-quality product begins with the precision manufacturing of individual components and at the heart of KMI’s fabrication process is our 2016 Bystronic 3Kw Fiber laser, automation add-on to be installed in June 2018, as well as a 2010 4,000 Watt Cincinnati Laser capable of cutting up to 72″ X 144″ sheets of 1″ plate, 1/2″ stainless steel and aluminum, and 1/4″ brass and copper. This machine also clean-cuts up to 7 ga. material. We can cut virtually any material in sheet form!  KMI’s fabrication capabilities include:

  • design template generation using Solid Edge 3-D modeling technology and AutoCAD
  • maintaining databases of customer product drawings to access the latest revision levels and engineering changes
  • working with a wide range of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel (types 304, 309, and 316), aluminum
  • State-of-the-art precision fabrication equipment that is computer-numerically controlled for facilitating consistent part quality.
  • value-added assembly to fit your needs – anything from frame assembly to axle-on/tire-on: with us doing the assembly, your manufacturing costs are lower and you can focus more of your resources on growing your business without expanding your operations.
  • expert product finishing, from standard Gray primer, ASA-61 Gray, or White to custom finishes and exact color matching – standard powder coating, marine powder coating, silk screening,

For sheet metal components and specialized smaller enclosures, we use a dedicated SMP (small metal parts) Cell – complete with an Amada Punch and Right Angle Shear combination, a Motoman welding robot, and a new state-of-the-art Bystronic Xpert brake press – assuring part accuracy and timely throughput. All of our metal enclosure products are precision welded and ground by experienced welding personnel.

All parts are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they’re in full compliance with each customer’s specifications. The Cell concept provides a high level of process flexibility, which helps reduce production costs to the lowest-possible level as well as meeting just-in-time delivery requirements.

Given KMI’s extensive capabilities and production-efficient equipment, it’s definitely worth your while to contact KMI for all your custom sheet metal fabrication and enclosure needs.

Laser Cutting Tech

Large Powder Line

Bystronic Xpert 150

Laser Cutting Tech


For Handling Any Fabrication Requirement, Simple or Complex

Cutting and Punching:

  • Automated Bystronic 3Kw Fiber Laser Cutting System
  • Cincinnati CL-840 4000 Watt Laser Cutting System
  • Amada Pega-BLS CNC Turret Punch and Right Angle Shear Combo

Forming and Bending:

  • Bystronic Xpert 40 CNC Offline Programmable Press – with Robot
  • (2) Bystronic Xpert 150 CNC Offline Programmable Press
  • (1) Amada FAB Model 125 CNC Programmable Presses
  • LVD 150T CNC 7-Axis Back Gauge Brake Press with Learning Capability


  • Miller/Panasonic Programmable Welding Robot
  • 40+ Mig and Tig Welding Stations
  • Numerous Spot welding machines


  • (7) Powder Coating Booths consisting of both Fully Automated and Programmable Lines and large batch-style booths that can handle parts up to 24 ft long!
  • Outstanding partnerships with wetcoat, e-coat and plating capabilities


  • Sandblasting booths
  • Cleveland Machine Works Ironworker, FI-85 / 140
  • State-of-the-art surface coating/finishing equipment
  • Spot Welders
  • (4) Auto-Sert 20″ Throat Stud and Nut Pressing Machine
  • Pneumatic Riveting Equipment
  • Machine shop and other equipment requirements for general operating needs
  • Material handling, shipping and delivery equipment

Metal Break Expert


Carts designed for part protection

Powder Line Part Variety

Wrapping Machine