mobile bending machine

Automation is increasingly impacting the way steel fabrication companies manufacture products. While some businesses fear that rapid advancements in intelligent robotics will replace jobs, KMI is taking advantage of the opportunity to expand our workforce by increasing our production capacity and adding new services to our capabilities.

A recent example of this is our investment in the Bystronic High-Speed Bending Machine with Mobile Bending Robot.

The Bystronic High-Speed Bending Machine coupled with the Mobile Bending Robot increases capacity while delivering consistency over long production runs. The Mobile Bending Robot can be attached or detached from the Bending Machine depending on the customers’ needs.

The flexibility of this machinery allows us to offer unique solutions to our customers. For larger volume and repetitive runs, it allows us to produce parts with almost no personal interaction, allowing the operators to focus on more detail-oriented tasks. The detachable feature gives us the opportunity to use the High-Speed Bending Machine in a standalone setting to produce low volume, intricate products that require a highly-skilled operator.

The benefits the customer will see are an increase in speed of production, accuracy, and ultimately an overall cost-reduction. This equipment reduces the manpower it would have normally taken to produce the same products. One operator can oversee the Bystronic Bending Robot while managing other projects simultaneously, generating a larger capacity of product.

We are currently seeking candidates interested in working with the industry’s latest technological advancements. If you’re interested, click here to learn more or email your resume to and fabricate your future with us.


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