Career advancement opportunities

The KMI hiring process is unique. We’ve found our most successful and most productive employees have been the result of our commitment to creating long-term, interpersonal relationships and focusing on building a career, rather than only someone’s skills at the time of hire. We seek employees whose core values match the long-ago established and consistently upheld values of the company. These values not only include having a customer focus, being quality-minded, desire to learn, and possessing the utmost integrity, but are more narrowly focused on being the ideal team player. With this, we are focused on humility, hunger and desire, and ability to interact with others.

Employee Spotlight: Eric Butler, Production Supervisor (Finishing and Shipping)

Eric joined KMI in 2017 as a welder. While having some formal education, Eric came with an extensive resume of over twenty years’ work experience: three years in industrial air pollution control, three years’ experience in real estate and sales, and sixteen years in pre-engineered metal buildings where he received numerous welding certifications.

Although Eric lacked degree completion, his impressive background and experience in the industry made him our ideal candidate. After he began to work on the shop floor, our leadership team quickly noted his managerial skills and recognized the need to provide him with opportunities for advancement.

Eric began working in different areas of the factory floor to expand his knowledge of each sector of the company. Starting in the welding department, we transitioned Eric into operating the brake press, to eventually training and independently operating our state of the art Bystronic presses – part of KMI’s push towards automated technology. Eric currently works as Production Supervisor over the finishing and shipping departments.

We provide advancement opportunities at a much quicker pace to those who focus on taking care of the customer and treat the business as if it is their own. We strive to be different than a typical corporate environment who often have slow moving decision-making processes that impede advancement opportunities. Our focus is on progression. If an employee is willing to work hard, refine their skillsets, and take on responsibility, the opportunities for growth and advancement are available.

Eric consistently showed his commitment to KMI and to the KMI customer. He completed several continuing education courses through seminars and programs all directly related to skill development necessary to master each area of the shop floor.

“I would have never had these opportunities in a large corporate environment,” says Eric. “I think this is one of the biggest differences and one of the biggest reasons why I love working here.”

Our growth has us looking to fill positions in laser cutting, punching, welding, brake press, assembly operations, supervision, powder coating/application and finishing departments. As we continue growth, a second shift is being formed with positions in all departments. If you’re interested in working hard for a company that will work hard for you, click here to learn more or email your resume to and fabricate your future with us.

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