Automated Laser, Bending, and Welding

KMI’s investment in the latest automated laser load/unload, bending, and welding systems offers customers the advantage of precision quality, consistency, and overall cost reduction.

Whether a high-capacity or low-volume production run, KMI works closely with customers to determine the most cost-effective laser, bending, or welding process solution for each specific need.

Equipment Includes:

Automated Laser, Load/Unload System

The Bystronic 3-Kilowatt Laser coupled with the ByTrans Extended load and unload system increases capacity and decreases set-up times by loading and unloading parts faster.

  • Intelligent automation enables lightly-manned, multi-shift operation with a high degree of process reliability.
  • Flexible use allows for easy downstream part control as well as individual large part removal.

Miller Automated Welding Robot

Designed to produce a high volume of parts while significantly reducing cycle times over manual welding by up to 75%. Accommodates large size parts up to 60-inches long and 36-inches wide.

  • Provides consistency throughout the welding operation with increased part output accuracy.
  • Automated tooling checks to make sure all parts are in place thereby reducing chances for bad welds when compared to manual welding.

Bystronic High-speed Bending Machine with Bending Robot

The Bystronic Mobile Bending Robot increases capacity while delivering consistency over long production runs.

  • Machine can be operated manually or parts can be bent using the removable mobile bending robot.
  • Provides for a much broader range of parts bending.
  • The compact Mobile Bending Robot can be set up in just a few minutes.