automated load and unload system

The manufacturing industry is experiencing an upturn in the utilization of intelligent automation. At KMI, we have taken advantage of these technological advancements and have strategically implemented them to expand our capabilities and create new opportunities for both our employees and customers.

We recently invested in a ByTrans Extended load and unload system for our Bystronic 3kW fiber laser. The automated load and unload system increases the speed in which we are able to load and remove steel from our equipment while decreasing the set-up time.

Before the implementation of the load and unload system, it often took an operator more time to unload a sheet of cut parts from the Bystronic fiber laser than it took for the laser to actually cut the steel. With the load and unload system, we are able to get more parts through the laser, with minimal effort from the laser operator, in less time. The load and unload takes the burden off our employees and management team in that department.

Once the machine is programmed, we are able to load roughly 8,000 pounds of steel and let it run continuously, only being lightly-manned, while still ensuring the precision and accuracy of the products being produced. As the laser is running, the stack of parts is taken to a sorting area where an employee can remove the scrap and check the parts for quality before sending them to the next operation. This significantly reduces staffing issues on our production floor, allowing us to increase capacity without having to run more shifts. This has opened up the opportunity for us to grow our portfolio of services and allows our employees to work on other areas that require more hands-on manpower.

Our investment in the automated load and unload system offers customers the advantage of precision, quality, consistency, and overall cost reduction. We continue to work closely with customers to determine the most cost-effective laser, bending, or welding process solution for their specific needs.

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