advanced training development

At KMI, it’s no secret that our employees and inclusive company culture are two factors that set us apart from other companies in the industry. Our hiring and onboarding processes are unique in that we seek specific types of candidates to fit into our family-like atmosphere. Once those candidates have been hired, we continue that unique relationship with a training process to match.

We’ve identified that traditional employee training methods were not the most effective use of both our management team and employees’ time. Previously, KMI relied on conventional processes—verbal instructions passed on from a supervisor to his or her team members. However, we began to see inconsistencies that hampered employee productivity. In a large factory such as ours, one supervisor may train or communicate differently than another. Discrepancies in processes and job functions were inevitable.

To create a more cohesive and consistent approach, we developed standardized procedures to streamline how our management teams train employees in an effort to reduce inconsistencies, increase productivity, and boost employee job satisfaction with safety, quality, and efficiency in mind.

Our training processes utilize written and pictorial representations to aid in the understanding of requirements for each job. These representations provide detailed instructions for each sector of the factory floor. The training materials include comprehensive descriptions of job duties and processes, information on machinery, examples, and other elements necessary for a current or new team member to successfully do his or her job.

Our training program offers a great benefit to new hires; however, it also ushers in a new wealth of information to KMI’s current employees. We encourage professional development and offer advancement opportunities in the hopes of creating long-term careers for those who work at KMI. Effective and efficient training opportunities open the door to move around the factory and explore other job functions for potential promotion.

Our growth has us looking to fill positions in laser cutting, punching, welding, brake press, assembly operations, supervision, powder coating/application and finishing departments. As we continue growth, a second shift is being formed with positions in all departments. Are you interested in working for a company with endless opportunities for growth? Click here to learn more or email your resume to and fabricate your future with us.

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