Advanced Training System Development at KMI

At KMI, it’s no secret that our employees and inclusive company culture are two factors that set us apart from other companies in the industry. Our hiring and onboarding processes are unique in that we seek specific types of candidates to fit into our family-like atmosphere. Once those candidates have been hired, we continue that […]

Building a Career Through Employee Advancement Opportunities

The KMI hiring process is unique. We’ve found our most successful and most productive employees have been the result of our commitment to creating long-term, interpersonal relationships and focusing on building a career, rather than only someone’s skills at the time of hire. We seek employees whose core values match the long-ago established and consistently […]

Employee Appreciation Initiatives at KMI

Businesses with a strong system to acknowledge employee achievements are proven to have more actively engaged team members, higher employee morale, and overall lower turnover rates. And with recent studies showing that a boost in employee productivity by 50% can result in an over 20% increase in business outcomes, we have made company culture a […]

Bystronic High-Speed Bending Machine with Bending Robot

Automation is increasingly impacting the way steel fabrication companies manufacture products. While some businesses fear that rapid advancements in intelligent robotics will replace jobs, KMI is taking advantage of the opportunity to expand our workforce by increasing our production capacity and adding new services to our capabilities. A recent example of this is our investment […]