General Fabrication

-Sheet Metal Enclosures . and So Much More

Stainless steel enclosuresWe have the design, engineering, fabrication, and assembly capabilities to become a solid manufacturing partner to any OEM in need of general fabrication services.

In our 30-plus years of operation, we've been many an OEM's single source for ...

  • quality general fabrication products and sheet metal enclosures
  • process efficiencies that reduce customer costs, from prototype creation to production
  • quality finishing - including outdoor/harsh environment protection
  • value-added assembly to fit any general fabrication need - from frame assembly, to axle-on/tire-on, to any downstream assembly that helps our customers save money
  • engineering & design assistance as limited or as comprehensive as required
  • supply chain assistance - just-in-time inventory management through Kan-Ban system development, implementation, and the integration of configurable, reusable shipping containers
Heavy Fabrication To date, we've partnered with OEMs across a wide spectrum of industries, including OEMs who manufacture ...
  • compressors
  • pumps
  • generators
  • and virtually any kind of product where general fabrication needs could conceivably come into play.
The fact is, whatever you need in the way of general fabrication, we can be a trusted outsource, your ideal contract manufacturing partner. Want details? Contact KMI.
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