KMI | Your Contract Fabrication Services Partner


With over 200,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and over 38 years of industry experience to rely upon, many of our customers have combined forces with Koester Metals, Inc. They allow us to provide their fabricated, finished, and assembled metal products to them on a regular basis rather than a single-project basis. This kind of relationship enables us to devote all of our resources, capabilities, and experience to your long-term needs. With KMI?s ?Total Cost? Approach working in your favor, you will find a new level of process efficiencies, cost efficiencies, and other savings which will only benefit your company.

Our contract manufacturing services include...

  • full processing and finishing capabilities including:
    • laser cutting and punching
    • forming and bending
    • welding, hardware insertion and assembling
    • painting and powder coating
  • post-fabrication and finishing assembly services which free up your own manufacturing resources so you can grow your business without expanding your operations
  • process efficiencies from prototype creation to production, helping you reduce costs
  • complete engineering and design support
  • supply chain assistance - just-in-time inventory management through Kan-Ban system development, implementation

We believe that the customer/supplier relationship is the key to our competitiveness. We therefore strive to succeed on behalf of our customer, allowing all to enjoy profitably while maintaining high standards of quality. KMI is ISO 9001-2008 Certified and will exceed your highest standards of quality.

Our Sales Engineers are eager to talk with you about the KMI Difference and the advantages of establishing a long-term partnership with us.