Design assistance, value-added services and logistics savings are just a few examples of the solutions we’ve been providing OEMs for well over 40 years.

If you’re an OEM in search of a partner to provide all the custom precision metal fabrications or enclosures you need, contact KMI. Specifically, we’ve geared our processes to our OEM manufacturing partners, which allows us to startup fast, and yet tailor solutions to your unique needs .

That’s evident in our:

Certified to Provide the Highest Quality Electrical Enclosures for Every Need

KMI excels in the design, fabrication, assembly, and finishing of custom electrical enclosures for a broad range of durable, long-lasting steel applications including carbon/mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, and powder coated metal fabrications and enclosures. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified by NSF – added assurance that our electrical enclosures are fabricated to the highest standards of manufacture and quality control. Since we also maintain listing status with Underwriters Laboratories (UL)/ (ULC), we are authorized to apply these listing marks to your electrical enclosures by request.

KMI provides…

  • custom precision fabricated parts for indoor or outdoor applications
  • electrical enclosures designed for OEM specifications- unlimited sizes, designed and built for perfect fit
  • battery enclosures
  • generator enclosures, canopy parts, base frames and support brackets
  • solar battery boxes
  • modified and custom NEMA enclosures:
    • Type 1: General Purpose – Indoor
    • Type 3: Dust-Tight, Rain-Tight, Sleet-Tight – Outdoor
    • Type 3R: Rain-Tight, Sleet-Resistant – Outdoor
    • Type 4: Water-Tight, Dust-Tight, Sleet-Resistant – Indoor & Outdoor
    • Type 4X: Water-Tight, Dust-Tight, Corrosion-Resistant – Indoor & Outdoor
    • Type 12: Dust-tight and Drip-Tight – Indoor
  • transformer enclosures
  • traffic control enclosures
  • operator consoles

Typical applications for our electrical enclosures include…

  • power generation/power distribution/power conversion
  • energy and automation
  • systems integration
  • petrochemical plants
  • water and waste water treatment
  • solar and wind power
  • aerospace

Our electrical enclosures can be configured for…

  • wall mount
  • pad mount
  • pole mount
  • free-standing applications
  • modular walk-in type

See our precision metal fabrication showcase to view more electrical enclosure examples.

Contact KMI for whatever you need in the way of custom electrical enclosures.

Certified, ISO 9001:2015 by NSF

Member, Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Certified, UL 508A Control Panel Fabricator

Member, Fabricators and Manufactures Association

Stacks of fabricated doors

Lineup of consoles

Insulated doors Carted

Reusable Carts for Flexible Mobile Part Protection

Full Assembly with Custom Skid

Assembly Queue

Designed for Manufacturing Enclosures

Sheet Metal Enclosures and So Much More

We have the design, engineering, fabrication, and assembly capabilities to become a solid manufacturing partner to any OEM in need of general fabrication services. In our 40-plus years of operation, we’ve been a single source for many OEM’s by providing:

  • quality general fabrication products and sheet metal enclosures
  • process efficiencies that reduce customer costs, from prototype creation to production
  • quality finishing – including outdoor/harsh environment protection
  • value-added assembly to fit any general fabrication need – from frame assembly, to axle-on/tire-on, to any downstream assembly that helps our customers save money
  • engineering & design assistance as limited or as comprehensive as required
  • supply chain assistance – just-in-time inventory management through Kan-Ban system development, implementation, and the integration of configurable, reusable shipping containers

To date, we’ve partnered with OEMs across a wide spectrum of industries, including OEMs who manufacture

  • compressors
  • pumps
  • generators
  • and virtually any kind of product where general fabrication needs could conceivably come into play.

If you want to boost your profitability contact KMI to learn more about the advantages of establishing a long-term contract manufacturing partnership for any of your OEM precision metal fabrications or enclosure needs

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Custom System enclosures

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